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Meet Our Veterinarians

Dr. Joe Abrassart

Dr. Joe Abrassart


Dr. Joe graduated from the College of Vet Med at UIUC. Dr. Joe has a few cats but loves all animals. When asked why he doesn’t have dogs, his wife says that he won’t scoop the poop in the yard. SO cats it is! His favorite cats through the years have been Reece, Peaches and Banana. Taco is quickly becoming his new favorite because he like to nap with him. (His wife and son name the cats.)

Dr. Joes skill set is endless. It includes aggravating his wife and the staff at the clinic, he is a very talented and gifted small animal doctor, who truly cares for animals.

Dr. Joe enjoys fishing, carpentry work, playing pool and working outdoors on any random project. Oh lets not forget napping with a cat. If Dr Joe had not chosen to be a veterinarian, he might have chosen to be in the carpentry trade.

Dr. Joe has a wife, Carrie, who he dated through vet school. He also has a son named John, who likes football, video games and fishing with his dad.

Dr. Lisa Moeller

Dr. Lisa Moeller


Dr. Lisa Moeller grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago and graduated from North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine. She served in the U.S. Army Veterinary Corps with assignments in Washington, Connecticut, England, and Iraq, before entering civilian practice. In her spare time, Dr. Moeller enjoys reading and traveling.

Dr. Al Staab

Nicole Opsal D.V.M


Dr. Opsal grew up in Peru Illinois with her parents and sister. She graduated from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine and joined the practice in 2014. She very quickly became the primary surgeon here in the clinic. Starling, Dr Opsal’s very sassy tortoiseshell cat, was abandoned at 4 weeks of age at a local bus stop with her 2 brothers. Starling can often be found visiting the clinic on Fridays, making sure that everyone remembers that she is at large and in charge. Dr. Opsal loves all things Disney, and her parents retired to Florida making it much easier to visit the Magic Kingdom. Her hobbies include reading and cross stich. Dr Opsal can often be found making origami animals for staff members, and at one time we had a complete zoo on the bookcase up front. Be sure to ask her to see the very cool eagle she made at your next appointment.

Meet Our Front Desk Staff!

The Front Desk staff answers the telephones, greets clients, checks in patients, answers general questions, receives payments, fills prescriptions and assists the doctors with clerical matters. They are your first form of contact with our Hospital.


Brenda B.

Brenda was born and raised in Sterling Illinois and relocated to the Kankakee area in 1995. She currently lives in Clifton Illinois with her 4 cocker spaniels. She joined the practice in 2012 after spending 15 years in human cardiology. She became the office manager in November 2014. Riley, her blue roan cocker spaniel, is 13 and is the old man of the crew. Nigel was adopted from KCHF. He is a red cocker spaniel and is a very grumpy old man when it comes time for his bath. His signature look is his mow-hawk. Cooper was adopted from Carrol County Animal Rescue in Iowa. Cooper is tan and black and his paws are big and fluffy. When it is time to wake up, or should we say when he thinks it is time to wake up, he just jumps on momma. Charli is the baby of the group. He too was adopted from KCHF. When he came home, he and Cooper quickly became friends. They decided that their job was to keep mom on her toes. In her spare time Brenda loves to garden, have friends over for cook outs, and spend time with her nieces and nephews. Fun Fact, she collects Coca-Cola items and has 115 different Coca- Cola Christmas ornaments.


Katie D.

Katie was born in Illinois, moved to Minnesota with her family when she was three, and returned to Illinois in middle school to be closer to family. Katie joined the practice while she was still in high school and very quickly became a great asset to the clinic. Her attention to detail makes the days run smooth. She married her high school sweetheart in 2021. They have 3 rescue pups. Rosie was adopted from a rescue in Indiana after she spent the first part of her life in a puppy mill. Rosie can be found lounging around the clinic on most days. Annie was adopted from KCHF, as a rescue from the Louisiana hurricanes and is full of energy. Roxie is also adopted from KCHF. She is a rescue from domestic violence and had to have her rear leg amputated after her femur was broken. Katie graduated from Paul Mitchell School of Cosmetology and can be found at the salon as a nail technician, her greatest love next to her family and pups. A fun fact about Katie is…she can come to work for a month and never repeat the same flannel shirt.


Jess T.

Jessica grew up in Bradley and graduated with a Bachelor in Biology from WIU. She is the wife of Phil and the mother of 2 sons. They all enjoy all things Star Wars. She joined the practice in 2001. When the boys were born, she took time off, but has come back a couple days a week to help out when they are at school. She has a dog Rosie Dee, that she adopted from a local shelter and 7 cats, Mew, Coco, Penny, Millie, Tigga, Bullet, and Buddy. In her spare time, Jess can often be found cooking and baking with the things she grows in her garden. If Jess is not cooking, baking, or working in the garden, she is making magical wands that can be found in her shop.


Mariah Z.

Mariah is a graduate of Curie Metropolitan High School. She has three children and three grandchildren that are spoiled by a grandma’s love. Mariah joined the practice at the end of 2020. She has a female cat named Batman. Batman has no problem letting you know when she is not done being petted…she will just bite your hand. When the weather is nice you can often find Mariah riding on the back of a Harley soaking up the sun and nature.

Meet Our Animal Care Staff

Our behind the scenes staff assists the doctors, feeds pets, cleans the cages and runs, and loves on the animals that are staying at the hospital, either for surgery or boarding.


Hank P.

Hank grew up in Bradley and graduated from BBCH and KCC. Hank has been a veterinarian assistant in the clinic for many, many years. He can often be found caring for the animals and sneaking them treats in the clinic. He does not have any pets of his own so that he can help take care of his mother’s cats and dog. His hobbies include rock spelunking and baking. His sister, Jess, also works in the clinic and also enjoys baking. The clinic staff often benefits from their “bake offs”.


Karen H.

Karen grew up in Kankakee and graduated from Herscher High School and Nashville School of Medical Terminology. She currently resides in Kankakee with her husband Don and three boys. Karen currently works the weekends caring for pet boarding in the clinic. She has one dog, Harley, an 11-year-old Aussie who is the guardian of the cats, Lucy, Shelby, Cobra, and Turbo. Lucy was abandoned at the clinic in 2013 by her owners. Shelby is 4 years old and is the best snuggle buddy. Cobra does not like plastic bags, and Turbo loves to start trouble with his sisters. In her spare time, Karen enjoys baking and working on puzzles. She has worked with animals for over 20 years.

Kayla C.

Kayla C.

Kayla was born in Plattsburg New York but grew up in Bradley Illinois. She, her husband Don, and their 2 children reside in Bourbonnais. She graduated from BBCHS and KCC and is currently enrolled at GSU pursing a Bachelors in Forensic Psychology. She has 3 pups that she has adopted from animal rescues. Charlie, a beagle mix, is the old man of the group. Charlie can be found sleeping the day away in his bed. Shooter is also a beagle mix, and enjoys being in his mom’s shadow. Stich is the new kid; he is a Husky/Shepherd/Great Dane/Irish wolfhound mix. He loves food, playing with “his” kids, the outdoors, and water, in that order. When Kayla is not caring for her young children, dogs, or studying, you might find her bowling or cooking and baking. She used to spend time with her grandfather at the senior men’s bowling league.


Haleigh W.

Haleigh grew up in the area and graduated from Kankakee High School. She and her fiancé Ian currently live in Bourbonnais with their pets Moo, Smokey, and Aurora. Moo is a black and white boxer that will make anyone smile. Smokey is a Russian Blue feline who has been part of the family since she was born. Aurora is their ball python. Haleigh has dual roles in the clinic, working both as a kennel tech and front desk receptionist. In her spare time, she can be found camping, hiking, and spending time in nature. When she lived at home, she and her father would foster pitbulls for a local rescue.

Meet Our Clinic Pets​​​​​​​


The Resident Mama passed away on December 26, 2014. She was loved by everyone and will always be remembered for her sweet disposition and her silly quirks.

Niya's Story

Niya came to us on December 10 of 2012. She was brought into us by two of our clients after they found her curled up next to their garage in the rain. Niya was in very rough shape when she arrived at us. She had Sarcoptic Mange and, from scratch, she had no hair on her ears, legs, or belly. She was only 20 pounds and was covered in motor oil. Our clients did not know what to do. Brenda, who has a big heart for Cocker Spaniels, and Dr. Joe, who did not want her to suffer any longer, decided we would take her in.

At first, we were not sure if Niya would make it, but slowly and steadily she began to show her strength. When Niya first arrived, she stayed at the hospital all the time but started staying up at the Front Desk during the days. She was fed soft food high in nourishment because she was eating so little, we wanted to be sure she was getting the proper nutrients. She instantly captured the hearts of our staff and the clients who met her during those first weeks. She was scratching so excessively from the Sarcoptic Mange that we had to put on a puppy onesie and a Buster Collar to keep her from hurting herself further. After about a month she was ready for her first hair cut, with the intention of removing the long locks of hair. After that hair cut, t was even more apparent how bad she looked. Her lack of hair was much more apparent and so was her lack of body weight.

Niya's name means "New Beginning" in Greek because that is ABSOLUTELY what she got. She has surpassed all of our expectations! She is now 28 pounds and her hair has grown in so thick everywhere that she has had 4 haircuts! Dr. Joe has determined that she is over 10, so she is our old girl. She hardly ever barks, absolutely loves to have her head rubbed, and is as sweet as can be. When puppies come in to the Hospital, Niya jumps to try and sniff them which makes us wonder if she has had puppies of her own. She is currently very happy and very loved here as our Resident Mama.


The Caretaker of Surgery and Recovery. Roady passed away in 2016. He is greatly missed by the staff. Surgery and Recovery are just not the same.


Our precious Siamese and our long-time friend, Olivia, passed away on February 24, 2011.


Roxie and Annie


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