How to Prepare Your Pet for Pet Boarding

It’s not uncommon for circumstances to arise in which you need to temporarily place your pet in a boarding facility. Whether you are heading on a business trip or vacation, having surgery, or have house guests with allergies, there are many reasons why you might need to place your pet in boarding. Some animals find the boarding process quite stressful, but pets who are properly prepared tend to handle the temporary separation better. As responsible pet owners, there are some things you should make sure you do before you board your pet. With this in mind, here are our top tips to prepare your pet for pet boarding.


Choose a Reputable Boarding Facility


It probably comes as no surprise that the best thing that you can do to alleviate separation anxiety and ensure that your animal is in safe and caring hands is to do your research when it comes to choosing the right boarding facility. Asking friends and family for recommendations is a great way to shortlist potential candidates, as well as looking at websites and reviews online. Once you’ve narrowed it down to just a couple, schedule a visit to check them out in person. Never book a stay for your pet without visiting the boarding facility in person first.


Get Your Pet a Vet Appointment


Most boarding facilities will insist that any animals in their care are up to date with their vaccinations and all preventatives as this helps to keep all pets on the premises safe from illness and disease. This is especially important since many diseases are infectious and easily transmissible when animals are kept in close quarters. Your vet will be able to provide you with proof that your pet is as protected as possible, as well as give your furbaby a check-up so that you have peace of mind that they are healthy before you leave them.



Think Food!


One of the biggest concerns of pet owners is what their adored animals will eat when they are apart. Some boarding facilities will have a list of feeds that they can provide, but if your pet’s preferred brand isn’t listed, it’s worth asking if you can supply your own. You should always avoid switching their diet for boarding since this can cause them to experience an upset stomach, or they may refuse the new food altogether.


Ask if You Can Take Your Pet for a Visit


In the case of dogs, and even some cats, it can be very valuable to take your pet in for a visit ahead of their planned longer stay. Some boarding facilities offer the opportunity for pets to pop in, or even stay for the day, to help them get used to the environment. Ask your chosen boarding facility if there are any options like this for your pet.


Don’t Forget Their Comfort Items


A new environment can be daunting for even the most socialized animal, but it can help for them to have a couple of reminders of home. Ask your chosen facility if you are allowed to pack your pet’s bed, favorite blanket, or toy to provide some comfort and familiarity while you are apart.


Manage Medications


If your pet rakes regular medication, you’ll want to make sure that your chosen boarding facility has staff that are experienced in administering medication. This will provide a feeling of reassurance that your pet is getting the medical care needed. Don’t forget to pack it when you drop your pet off and include all instructions as well as details of your vet, should they be needed.


Don’t Draw Out Saying Goodbye


Finally, when it comes to dropping your pet off for their stay in boarding, do your best not to make a fuss. Animals understand your emotions and if you appear anxious, upset, or distressed, your pet is more likely to become stressed or worried. Instead, keep things short and sweet. You can always call your boarding facility to see how your pet has settled in later that day.


For more advice on how to prepare your pet for boarding, please contact our experienced veterinary team at Kankakee Animal Hospital in Kankakee, Illinois at (815) 332-0600 today.

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