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Meet Our Clinic Pets!

Our Clinic Pets

Niya - The Resident Mama passed away on December 26,2014.  She was loved by everyone and will always be remembered for her sweet disposition and her silly quirks.

Niya came to us on December 10 of 2012.  She was brought into us by two of our clients after they found her curled up next to their garage in the rain.  Niya was in very rough shape when she arrived to us.  She had Sarcoptic Mange and, from scratching, she had no hair on her ears, legs, or belly.  She was only 20 pounds and was covered in motor oil.  Our clients did not know what to do. Brenda, who has a big heart for Cocker Spaniels, and Dr. Joe, who did not want her to suffer any longer, decided we would take her in.

At first we were not sure if Niya would make it, but slowly and steadily she began to show her strength.  When Niya first arrived she stayed at the Hospital all the time, but started staying up at the Front Desk during the days.  She was fed a soft food high in nourishment because she was eating so little, we wanted to be sure she was getting the proper nutrients.  She instantly captured the hearts of our staff and the clients who met her during those first weeks.  She was scratching so excessively from the Sarcoptic Mange that we had to put on a puppy onsie and a Buster Collar to keep her from hurting herself further.  After about a month she was ready for her first hair cut, with the intention of removing the longer locks of hair.  After that hair cut it was even more apparent how bad she looked.  Her lack of hair was much more apparent and so was her lack of body weight.

Niya's name means "New Beginning" in Greek because that is ABSOLUTELY what she got.  She has surpassed all of our expectations!  She is now 28 pounds and her hair has grown in so thick everywhere that she has had 4 haircuts!  Dr. Joe has determined that she is over 10, so she is our old girl.  She hardly ever barks, absolutely loves to have her head rubbed, and is as sweet as can be.  When puppies come in to the Hospital, Niya jumps to try and sniff them which makes us wonder if she has had puppies of her own.  She is currently very happy and very loved here as our Resident Mama.

Roady - The Caretaker of Surgery and Recovery

Roady passed away in 2016.  He is greatly missed by the staff.  Surgery and Recovery is just not the same. 

Our long time friend, Olivia, passed away February 24, 2011. 


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  • "We love Dr Joe and his staff! Kayla and Emily have wonderful personalities and treat us and our dogs like family."
    Michelle N Ben K.

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